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Sheryl in the studio
Sheryl Crow, picture from her official website, recording tracks for her new album C'mon, C'mon (2002).

sheryl crowVisit for all the latest info.

Sheryl Crow RPG [36 kB PDF file]

I CREATED a Sheryl Crow wallpaper but some footfreaks kepy deeplinking to it. So it's not on the site. If you want it then email me.

C'Mon, C'Mon

SHERYL CROW'S new album came out here in the UK on Monday the 8th April. I will have a review of it here and also some inspired madness that I get from it.

Look at Shery's Discography.

The Sheryl Crow Roleplaying Game

A Free And Fun RPG

Visit SherylCrow.comA quick and easy roleplaying game (requiring only some six-sided dice, imagination, some friends and - for the advanced player - some Sheryl Crow music) inspired by the beauty and artistry of Ms Sheryl Crow.

The Sheryl Crow RPG is available as a 36 kB PDF file. Please download it and take a look. Sheryl Crow PDF.

Sheryl's Bio

IN THE past few years, not many singer-songwriters have enjoyed the success of Sheryl Crow. As a back-up singer for Eric Clapton, Don Henley, Michael Jackson and Rod Stewart, Crow worked the less than glamorous side of the business for the best part of the '80s and early '90s. From her breakthrough debut Tuesday Night Music Club (1994) to the self-titled Sheryl Crow (1996) and her most recent studio album The Globe Sessions (1998), Crow has continued to explore her passions and define her distinctive voice, staking her fertile turf as a singer-songwriter. Now with her latest shining gem, C'mon, C'mon, Crow has turned up the volume and loosened the mood to make the direct rock & roll album that made her want to make music in the first place.

C'mon, C'mon is an instant charmer of a rock album - an immediate road trip classic. For Crow the making of the album was a long, hard road. Indeed, even coming up with an appropriate title for the album seemed to take forever. Crow explains that she yearned to make an album "in the flavor of '70s and '80s classic rock - rock songs that were crafted, that you could sing; songs that were like the soundtrack to your summer - songs that were really committed to rock." And so it was that Crow found herself with a kick-ass album and no title to match. At the eleventh hour she speedily wrote and recorded the song "C'mon, C'mon" - a standout, crunchy rocker featuring Crow's longtime friend Stevie Nicks. "It just seemed to evoke the feeling of the rest of the record," Crow explains. And C'mon, C'mon is definitely an album with lots of feeling.

PDFs and Pages

HTML is the other format for the roleplaying game, it will be here soon.

Scenarios are something that I enjoy creating and I'll put up There Goes The Neighborhood (inspired and based on the song) in a little while. I'll also have a page for all my other Sheryl stuff like album reviews and so on.

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