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My Apple Macintosh Page

G4 Cube, iBook, Mac OS X

I've a Cube and an iBook; my sister Ruth has an iBook too. You can read about my history with Macs.

iBook Battery - Powerbook Battery

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iBook (original)

My iBook: 300 MHz G3 Processor, 3.2 GB HD, 544 MB RAM (512+32), 12" TFT (Thin Film Transistor) screen, CD, 4 MB ATi Rage graphics card, Airport card, Mac OS X (10.3.6). The so-called "clamshell" design. Tangerine. Bought December 1999.
Planned Upgrades: 30 GB HD.

My sister's iBook SE: 466 MHz G3 Processor, 20 GB HD, 320 MB (256 + 64), 12" TFT screen, DVD, 8 MB ATI Rage graphics card, Mac OS X (10.3.6). So called "Paris" model, "clamshell". Key Lime. Bought December 2001 (clearance item from Cancom).
Planned upgrades: I might give her an Airport card.

PowerMac G4 Cube

My Cube: 450 MHz G4 Processor, 20 GB HD, 576 MB RAM (256+256+64), 17" Apple Studio Display (CRT), DVD, 16 MB ATi Rage graphics card, Airport card, Mac OS X (10.3.6). Bought March 2001.
Potential Upgrades: 512 MB RAM chip(s).

PowerBook G4

My Powerbook: 1.5 GHz G4 Processor, 80 GB HD (5400 rpm Ultra ATA/100), 1 GB RAM (512+512), 15.2" TFT (widescreen), SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW), ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 graphics processor with AGP 4X support and 128 MB of DDR SDRAM video memory, Airport Extreme, Bluetooth, Mac OS X (10.3.6). Bought December 2004.
Potential Upgrades: 1 GB RAM chip(s).


  • Printer: Canon i850 BubbleJet printer
  • Firewire Hard Drive: SmartDisk FireLite 40 GB
  • Scanner: Canon CanoScan N670U
  • USB Hub
  • Iomega 250 MB Zip drive (USB)

Other computers: I also have a Pentium MMX PC from 1995 (Packard Bell) that currently has RedHat Linux 7 on it, and a Pentium II PC from late 1998 (Dell) that is currently empty (just got it free from work and haven't done anything with it yet).

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