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Sheryl Crow RPG [36 kB PDF file]

The Sheryl Crow Roleplaying Game

A Free And Fun RPG

Visit SherylCrow.comA quick and easy roleplaying game (requiring only some six-sided dice, imagination, some friends and - for the advanced player - some Sheryl Crow music) inspired by the beauty and artistry of Ms Sheryl Crow.

I described the game as follows:

Most other roleplaying games are far too serious or have lots of rules and so forth, while I wanted the Sheryl Crow thing to be a cool idea with attitude that was fun to play and with a few simple guides to keep it moving along.

It's really a game where you could choose to play an angel or a lion tamer, a flunky student or a drag queen all in the same story and living in a world strangely twisted by the songs of Sheryl Crow. Maybe the line "I spent a year in the mouth of a whale" could be quite literal.

Sort of Baron Munchausen for the new millenium?The cool thing is that you can play an exaggerated version of yourself as your character.I also recommend that players are allowed to do quite outrageous things as long as they use lyrics from Sheryl Crow songs. The more obscure the lyric the greater the feat.

Legalese, if you please

The Sheryl Crow Roleplaying game is written and maintained by Gregor Hutton. All errors are mine and the blame rests at my door. Sheryl Crow neither knows about nor endorses the Sheryl Crow roleplaying game, but she and her record company haven't sued me either so she is a real star. Buy her records and videos, I do!

Sheryl's 3 Tenets

Name: Sheryl Crow, Skill: 7, Stamina: 7, Sexiness: 7

In essence this allows Sheryl to do anything that she is tasked with. Obviously only Ms Sheryl Crow can ever play herself in the game. I guess the ultimate feat in the game is to encounter Sheryl – as she has all the answers to the riddles in her songs – and you can only do that if you meet her.

PDFs and Pages

The Sheryl Crow RPG is available as a 36 kB PDF file. Please download it and take a look. Sheryl Crow PDF

HTML is the other format for the roleplaying game, it will be here soon.

Scenarios are something that I enjoy creating and I'll put up There Goes The Neighborhood (inspired and based on the song) in a little while. I'll also have a page for all my other Sheryl stuff like album reviews and so on.


Making miracles is hard work, most people give up before they happen...

The words are in Sheryl Crow's song Maybe That's Something from the hit album The Globe Sessions and they were the strange catalyst to the game you see before you today.A friend Jodie Gardiner was needing articles for his newsletter and I said I would write him up a one-page roleplaying game system, I just needed a hook.

Now, I spend a great deal of time on the road driving between my home in Edinburgh and my former home with my parents in Cumbernauld where most of my friends are, and I have a bundle of tapes that help me through the hour-long car journeys. Sheryl is one of my favourites and at the time The Globe Session was on constant play in my car and it just fitted perfectly.I have Tori Amos tapes, Depeche Mode, U2, Metallica and even Gerry Rafferty but none of them inspired me to do this.

It will always be Sheryl Crow. Miracles do happen

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