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Here are a bunch of useful Reggie-related links.

Reggie Hunt photographs on sale from

Reggie in San Diego.

And Reggie in Scotland with the Claymores.

In 2001 my sponsored Scottish Claymore player was San Diego Chargers allocated player Safety Reggie Hunt, his stats for the season are as follows.

2001 Claymores Stats: Season

Total tackles: 34 (game high: 6, week 1) [30 normal/ 4 special teams] Total PD: 7 (game high: 2, weeks 1,4) Total Forced Fumbles: 1 (game high: 1, week 8) Total INT: 2* for no return (game high: 1, weeks 1,4) Total Kick-Off returns: 9 for 171 yds (longest: 38 yds, week 9. Average gain 19 yds) *jointly led team.

2001 Chargers Stats: Preseason

Games: 4 (SF, MIA, STL, ARI). Total tackles: 6. (game high: 4, week 4 (ARI)] Interceptions: 1 for 0 yds (Game 4). Passes Defensed: 1 (Game 4). Kick-Off returns: 4 for 139 yds (longest: 72 yds, week 2 (MIA). Average gain 34.75 yds – leads team preseason).

Highlights: Reggie's INT was from a Chris Greisen pass and he caught it at the 20-yd line for no gain (the stats mistakenly say it was a –27 yd INT). Obviously, the 72-yd Kick Return was the spectacular highlight.

Surprise Hero Rescues Chargers

Hunt return sets up victory in overtime; Brees solid in debut


August 19, 2001

Pic From Miami Orlando SentinelMIAMI -- The Chargers were trying to arrange their rotation for kick returners Wednesday at practice when Reggie Hunt's name came up.

Running backs coach Ollie Wilson turned to Hunt and in all seriousness asked: "Have you ever done this before?"

Hunt was incredulous... more

Reggie played in San Diego's first two preseason games – first, a thrilling 25-24 win over the 49ers (a two-point conversion with 30 seconds left winning it for the Chargers). Reggie had 1 tackle and a kick-off return for 25 yards in 4th Quarter action. And then in the 23-20 win over Miami. Reggie set up the game-winning field goal in OT by returning the opening OT kick-off for 72 yards from the 8-yd line to the 20 of Miami. A five-yard face mask penalty was added on to the run. Without the face masking (by Olindo Mare as he ran past?) Reggie would have gotten a touchdown. Fantastic stuff!

Reggie smacks Green up(Left) Reggie forces League MVP Mike Green to fumble in Week 8 of NFL Europe action.

I'll have more Reggie stuff up here soon. He was an excellent player and a really great guy. Reggie is currently in training camp with the San Diego Chargers and he has a shot at making their roster or practice squad. Good luck Reggie!

Thanks also to all of Reggie's friends and relatives who have e-mailed me their kind words. Thank you!

  • Reggie Hunt photographs for sale from Wayne Paulo, the official NFL Europe photographer. You can also get posters. [June 7]
  • Chargers Roster, Reggie is number 39. [updated 23 August 2001]
  • "I was very pleased once again with our specialists," Dahlquist said of the unit that has by far been the most consistent for the team this season. "For Icsman to come in and really only have one practice with the team and yet play so effectively is great. I was also happy with the coverage that we received by our guys, especially REGGIE HUNT (San Diego Chargers) and ROWELLE BLENMAN." from Claymores website (1 Jun 01)

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