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ERS, by Gregor Hutton
Mastery, Wisdom, Power

ERS-bogen.pdf (58 kB)

David Bruns

Elegantes Rollen-Spiel (ERS)

Update: David Bruns, from Saarbrücken, translated ERP into ERS at the end of last year. Now, another German roleplayer (DRoSI from has offered to make an alternate translation into German, and I will have David give me his thoughts when I get it (as my German isn't as good as his!).

David has some new ideas for ERP/ERS in a one-page PDF (Deutsch/English). Comments welcome.

The ERP rules (Oct 02)
Elegant Role-playing version 2
(188kB PDF), release: Monday 14 Oct

David is also planning an ERS campaign:

ERS art, by Gregor HuttonWell... I am currently preparing something "RetroTech-Pulp" oriented! I am heavily influenced by the comic "The Red Star" available from Image Comics. If you don't know it, check it out!!!

The basic concept is that the URRS (United Republics of the Red Star) is a grand nation falling apart. Characters are members of the Red Fleet fighting a physical battle against separatist partisans, a mental battle against the opression and dictatorship their country has ended up in, and an emotional battle to cope with the loss of friends and loved ones.

It features an alternate universe with interesting technology (Skyfurnaces, gigantic flying battleships) and magic (mostly employed by members of the Sorcery Corps).

Screamski, by Gregor HuttonI want to run a campaign in a similar world, roughly in the 1940s, with weird technology, psyonics and pulp heroes...

Abenteuer BogenERS is a German translation of the Elegant Role-Playing game system.

It is Free, Simple, Easy and in German!

Abenteuer Bogen

The translation was made by David Bruns of Saarbrücken in Germany (picture left).

If you have questions about ERS I will be happy to answer them.

I can speak a little Deutsch – more when I am drinking Alt bier ... Schlosser: Das Alt!

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ERP is ©2001 Gregor Hutton.