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INCARNATE is © 2002 Gameforce Ltd, the organisers of Dragonmeet 2002.

Art on this page by Gregor Hutton, © 2002 Gameforce Ltd.


©2002 Gameforce Ltd

INCARNATE is an RPG created on 30 NOVEMBER 2002. It is the product of the ‘Game in a Day’ event at the 2002 Dragonmeet in Kensington, London.


Cowboy, by Gregor HuttonThe ideas from the groups was truly fascinating. The gamers involved split into sections working on Characteristics, the Task Resolution system, Game History and Past Lives/Reincarnations. I was mainly involved with the Characteristics, Attributes, Advantages and Disadvantages group.

I haven’t got the final version at the moment so I will have to wait and see how much of the early groundwork from our group made it to the final version. The Task Resolution team were going to take our Characteristics (PHYSIQUE, AGILITY, INTELLECT and WILL) and make a (workable) game system.

Steve Long (Hero) and Phil Masters (GURPS Discworld, et al.) were in the group along with two other gamers and myself – we came up with some pretty solid basics I think. Hopefully, my coined phrase ‘Resonance’ is still used and that PCs are ‘Bound’ to each other.

Update: Maybe Agility was called Dexterity? I guess I'll find out!

After lunch I then did some art for the game including the cover. We were short of artists compared with the number of writers we had.

The art was all fairly rushed and I only had a light pencil and a permanent black marker. If I'd thought ahead I would have brought my watercolours.

I'll keep these pages updated with links to articles about INCARNATE. I also hope to have some example PCs, NPCs, scenarios, etc. up once I get my paws on the PDF.

A big hearty cheer for everyone involved. Click on the art for bigger versions.


INCARNATE: Bitter Suite

Dragonmeet 2002’s Game In A Day was at Conpulsion 2003. Five people, unknown to each other since their last incarnation, find themselves stranded on an island off Scotland’s west coast.
Past Lives, Bitter Memories, Haunted Beauty.
Four hours to save your future and heal your past.


15 & 16 March 2003
Teviot Student Union, Edinburgh University

I'll put the scenario, pre-gens and character sheets up after Conpulsion. – GH

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