Elegant Role-Playing was typeset in Adobe’s Warnock Pro. Version 3 uses Myriad Pro and Minion Pro.

Early versions were produced on an Apple G4 PowerMac Cube, using Quark XPress 4.1, with the PDFs created using Adobe Acrobat 5. Versions 2 and 3 use Adobe InDesign CS on an Apple G4 PowerBook.

Documents ‘in progress ’ were sometimes written in LaTeX2e, using the ERP template. As LaTeX does not support Warnock Pro, these documents are set in Palatino.

ERP, by Gregor Hutton
Mastery, Wisdom, Power



  • Elegant Role-Playing (Version 3) Draft Document for play-testing [PDF, 443 kB] 9 November 2006. This much improved and more elegant version of the rules has all you need to play. I will be play-testing using this document soon. -- Gregor

Older documents, which are also at David Bruns’s Schlaghund V3 website.

ERP, FREE PDF RPG ERP version 2. (188kB PDF), released Monday 14 Oct. © Gregor Hutton 2002. FREE



David Bruns is now ERP co-developer. David and myself will be producing modular documents for use with ERP version 2.

As David says “ideas, opinions, criticism and advice are very important and fertile to the game.”

Some modules may be totally collaborative, while others may be made by only one of us, depending on the issue at hand.”

David has some great ideas for ERP. I will be passing DRoSI’s German translation of ERP (ERS) on to David when it arrives and he will also be working on a Magic System.

Welcome aboard!
Gregor Hutton, ERP creator/co-developer, 17 Oct 02

David can be contacted at, and his website

ERP 2.0, written by Gregor Hutton and David Bruns, based on a concept developed by Gregor Hutton, Copyright © Gregor Hutton 2002.


David was born on a nice November evening 1975 in Braunschweig, Germany. He started studying Psychology at the Saarland University in Saarbrücken in 1996 and has been living there since that day.

He is a great fan of games, mainly role-playing and computer games. David’s first rpg experience was - as always in Germany - Das Schwarze Auge, about 15 years ago.

Today he works at a large internet company and prefer self-made games and backgrounds. His hompage, the Schlaghund Kennel is named after a card of WotC's NetRunner CCG.

An adventurer, by Gregor HuttonDavid Bruns translated ERP into ERS at the end of last year. Now, another German roleplayer (DRoSI from has offered to come up with an alternate translation into German, and I will run this past David when I get it (as my German isn't as good as his!). More on the ERS site.

But, more importantly for ERP (and ERS) players David has some new ideas for ERP/ERS in a handy one-page PDF. Comments welcome.

What is ERP?

GrimmElegant Role-Playing (ERP) is a free roleplaying game system that I created in August 2001. It is a simple, easy system that allows you to run a diverse range of games from Fantasy adventures to Super-Heroic campaigns.

It is based on three characteristics: MASTERY, WISDOM and POWER.


If you appear to be missing fonts in ERP when printing on an HP printer then this is a problem with your printer driver and not the PDF file.

The ERP PDF has the Warnock Pro fonts included as embedded subsets (see below). If the PDF does not print as it appears in Acrobat Reader (or Preview) then you should try installing an updated printer driver, or use an Adobe driver.

IMPORTANT: There was a typo in ERP-sheet 1.1, this was fixed in version 1.2. The latest version is ERP-sheet 2.

Version 1.03, is available in HTML.

That old 1.02 PDF, was a summary of the old HTML pages (Rules. Character. FAQ.), with a bit of art and layout. However, it has now been superseded...

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ERP is ©2002 Gregor Hutton.